Why does anyone want to see "The Music Man"?
Posted by: Singapore/Fling 01:01 am EDT 10/08/20

After watching a condescending Mid-Westerner charmingly lie through his teeth for 90 minutes this evening, I remain baffled that Americans still think the "ah shucks" con man with a heart of gold is someone to celebrate in song and dance. I can't imagine a worse way to spend three hours than rooting for a swindler who manipulates everyone he sees and woos every beautiful woman in town, breaks the heart of children all over Illionois, but somehow it's okay because a lisping kid wasn't shy for a few days and a woman loves him. And I guess, what, his Grinchy heart gets melted by her love or some such nonsense that we use to excuse charismatic psychopaths?

I love Hugh Jackman, but the failure of audiences to connect the dots between their beloved Americana stories and the leadership of this country is as mind-boggling as it is tragic.

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