Very Interesting Theory
Posted by: Jax 03:24 am EDT 10/07/20
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So feminism helped kill off the romantic/sex comedy. You have a good point. Certainly feminism helped make the helpless, baby doll (yet feisty and lovable so Walter Kerr would fall for them) a thing of the past. And so many actresses found fame playing them. Elizabeth Ashley, Sandy Dennis, Brenda Vaccaro (Cactus Flower) and Blythe Danner (Butterflies are Free) all became stars playing these pouting, adorable child women. Young actresses in the theatre don't get to play these roles, which really had deep appeal for audiences.

They lived on a bit in the movies, and certainly, when they were the right age, Meg Ryan and Reese Witherspoon would have been terrific in Barefoot in the Park. It's too bad that feminism -- and the sexual revolution and resident theatres and diversity--killed off these innocent entertainments. And it would be great if someone found a new way to write this kind of piece. Years ago I thought the screenwriter Steve Kloves had managed it in The Fabulous Baker Boys, but he went on to write the Harry Potters and make millions.

I saw the Old Globe Barefoot a few years ago. It was well cast and the audience had a great time with it.

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