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I didn’t see it...BUT....I think there was a particular quality of pre-feminist femininity that is required for some of those heroines, which I could imagine Peet lacks. Ditto the character of Ellen in “Any Wednesday,” and perhaps “Voice of the Turtle” and “Sunday in New York” and the child-woman in “Two for the Seesaw.”
Someone said Peet was lacking “especially the examples of the wife's allegedly wacky, free-spirited behavior.” I could see that. These women aren’t fully-grown until the very end of their plays.

There’s something about these extraordinary female characters trapped in pre-feminist situations. They prattle, they effervesce, they connive, they support, they seduce, much like Nora in most of Ibsen’s A DOLL HOUSE. (Torvald calls her, memorably, something like “my little bird”); she’s always cheerfully chirping. Because standing up straight on their own two feet is not yet an option.
It’s Something Chenoweth could capture; she’d have made an interesting Corie. Or Annaleigh Ashford. I think you have to be able to play “girl.” And “girl” is so politically incorrect, it may be difficult for a typically modern actress to access

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