re: Amanda Peet in "Barefoot in the Park"?
Posted by: dbdbdb 10:08 am EDT 10/06/20
In reply to: Amanda Peet in "Barefoot in the Park"? - tmwctd 08:54 am EDT 10/06/20

It was a very blah production, with little or no comic energy. Peet and Patrick Wilson weren't terrible, but there wasn't a great deal of chemistry between them. I kind of feel that the secret of the play's success originally was that it took experiences with which anyone in the audience might be familiar -- the kinds of conflicts that young married couples might encounter circa 1964 -- and broadened them sufficiently to make an entertaining boulevard comedy. By the early 2000s, it all seemed out of date -- especially the examples of the wife's allegedly wacky, free-spirited behavior. It's possible that in another decade or two -- and with stronger casting and direction -- it might achieve a certain period charm. My guess is that other plays by Simon are more likely to be long-lasting.

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