re: I Married An Angel
Posted by: richmurphy 08:11 pm EDT 03/24/19
In reply to: I Married An Angel - Ludlow29 07:42 pm EDT 03/24/19

You can say that again! :)

Seriously, I also enjoyed I MARRIED AN ANGEL as did my friends, for most of the reasons you stated. I must admit I found the "Roxy Music Hall" sequence weird. It went from the sublime -- Phillip Attmore's tap sequence -- to the insufferable -- Tom Robbins's um, ... whatever you would call that he did.

But this is the type of show that Encores! should be doing, given its original mission. Its work to restore and preserve these early scores is commendable, political correctness be damned.

And while there were many angels on the stage, Ann Harada was the only goddess.

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