re: OKLAHOMA! first preview last night (spoilers)
Posted by: showtunesoprano 02:39 pm EDT 03/21/19
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There are hardly any changes to the text, I believe. I saw the show last night. It's been a while since I've seen Oklahoma (when was the Patrick Wilson production?) but it mostly seemed the same. Many lines are played differently, but the text is basically the same.

Regarding Laurie going with Jud, it seems like the original plan was for her AND Aunt Eller to travel with Jud to the social. When Curly invites Aunt Eller to come with him, Laurie tells her that she doesn't want to go with Jud alone because he's scared of him. That fear probably also makes her not want to change the plans and risk angering him.

I found the production very interesting. Not necessarily good, or bad. But a lot to think about. Some thoughts - Jud reminded me of the toxic "incel" community. The lighting was breathtaking. The way the last scene was played was revolutionary. I really did not understand what they were going for with the dream ballet. I was disappointed with Rebecca Naomi Jones' singing. I hope maybe she's sick? The actor playing Jud had some amazing moments in the smokehouse scene.

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