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Posted by: Guillaume 11:42 pm EDT 03/13/19
In reply to: re: not sure I agree -- - ryhog 09:38 pm EDT 03/13/19

I see your point but I was reading and referring to the second line in the first paragraph, sans quote marks, which I read as the PR person's pitch and description of the role. Rudin's opinion in the quotes comes later down where he calls it the "best" blah blah blah whatever as I stopped reading for lack of interest in what Rudin thinks.

I'm sure this production is going to perfectly fine and colorful and an event where people brag that they were able to score tickets for "only" 800 dollars, but I kinda feel like the entire team and casting is so spot on it will hold very few surprises. I'd rather Rudin give us a new musical with this star since he was able to entice him back to live theatre.

And, to put my snarky spats on, it's a shame productions of Music Man all over the country will now be in jeopardy once Rudin's production hogs Broadway. wink wink

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