The Government Inspector - Performance and Seating
Posted by: DanT 09:54 am EDT 07/17/17

Saw this Saturday night and figured I'd provide brief thoughts and comments/reassurances on seating questions.

First, this is a very broad but very timely farcical political satire; think more along the lines of the Marx Brothers' "Duck Soup" rather than Danny Kaye's "Inspector General". Michael Urie shows he can really anchor a large ensemble (forgive me if others new this - I was only familiar with him from Buyer and Cellar), playing perfectly off the rest of the cast while still being the center of the insane world on stage, and demonstrating he's a terrific physical comedian. The rest of the cast are all hilarious - but standouts to me were Mary Testa (as always) who is hysterical, Michael McGrath's gives real timely dimension to the terrified tyrranical Mayor (though I couldn't help keep thinking of Nathan Lane while watching him), and Arnie Burton's postmaster has to be seen. Jeffrey Hatcher's adaptation balances the farce with satire that never feels too pointed and he allows himself a few very welcome "groaners", and the director, Jesse Berger, keeps things humming along nicely so the evening always feels brisk - although it feels Act II takes just a few minutes to come back to life.

As for seating, given earlier reports about partial visibility in the front rows while at the Duke I was concerned because we had second row center (Row E) seats, but had been assured visibility would not be a problem when I went to the New World Stages box office. The set has two levels and much of the action takes place on the upper level. At least in the center section, those of us in the front few rows were fine. While I don't think I'd recommend the front rows on the sides at New World if they can be avoided, given how steeply raked the seating is at New World (at least in stage 4, where this is), sightlines in the center front rows weren't a problem at all.

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