Piper Theater: The Brontes a musical last night
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Piper Theater has been performing for free in Washington Park, site of the Old Stone House in Park Slope Brooklyn for I think 12 years now. I believe this is the first time they have done a world premiere musical and bravo to them. It is a thoroughly professional effort. The musical tells the story of the three Bronte sisters (and their one brother) and how their identities became known to the world. It is perhaps at times a bit too earnest though their is some definite wit at display in the book. The songs by Lucas Tahiruzzaman Syed and Sarah Ziegler Blair are good though none of them in particular are memorable at first listen. I hope though that this workshop has encouraged the creators, including director and co-book author Katie Palmer to continue to work on this piece because they have the beginning of a very fascinating chamber musical here. What is memorable are the performances in particular Patricia Noonan as Charlotte. What a stunning soprano voice and devastating stage presence she possesses. She is well matched by David Bryant Johnson in a variety of roles, each one expertly executed. It plays for one more Sunday July 23 and its free. There is a small concession stand but you can bring your own small picnic. Seating is on the artifical grass of the playing field of the park and there are a small number of chairs (those low beach type chairs) to rent.

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