"Aladdin" remake has its lyricists (and other D23 Stuff)
Posted by: Britannia 02:01 am EDT 07/17/17

Alan Menken announced tonight at D23 that Pasek and Paul will be writing the new lyrics for the "Aladdin" remake.

Also, I was there on Saturday when Marc Shaiman conducted new music to preview footage from "Mary Poppins." And yes, I was almost tearing up. I was not thrilled with the idea of a sequel (though not dead set against it), but seeing Mary Poppins' entrance and seeing such lively choreography (in snippets, of course . . . it was a trailer) really thrilled me.

I was also there for the panel on Disney's live-action musicals of the 1960s. That was wonderful to see Lesley Ann Warren and Joyce Bulifant, plus Karen Dotrice. Whoopi, however, clearly had not seen "Summer Magic," "The Happiest Millionaire," and "The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band" and in showed. She implied "The . . . Family Band" was an embarrassment and even suggested as such to Lesley Ann Warren in one of her questions. (It's one of my favorite Disney films). She couldn't pronounce "Fortuosity" (from "The Happiest Millionaire") and even asked a question that had already been answered about "The . . . . Family Band" because she hadn't seen the movie to know it was answered!

I saw Susan Egan perform twice, once her song from "Hercules" (which the audience LOVED and gave a standing O) and then a medley of songs from "Beauty and the Beast." She also introduced Alan Menken for his second performance (not sure about the first). What a gracious, funny, warm woman!

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