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Again, I gotta believe there was a rule about only submitting one song per film. I love the Sherman brothers' ''Mary Poppins,'' but ''Chim-Chim Cheree,'' which was nominated and won, wouldn't have been my choice. I prefer ''A Spoonful of Sugar'' or ''Feed the Birds'' (Walt Disney's favorite).

Amanda McBroom's ''The Rose'' wasn't Oscar-eligible 'cuz it wasn't written for the movie. But she did win the Golden Globe, and Bette, the Grammy.

Leslie Bricusse & Henry Mancini were not nominated for Best Song for ''Victor/Victoria,'' but they did win Original Song/Adaptation Score for it.

Similarly, Prince was not nominated for Best Song for ''Purple Rain,'' but he did win for Original Song Score.

The Academy should revive the category of Original Song/Adaptation Score. It's not fair for a film full of songs to compete with dramatic underscoring for Original Score; Oscar voters often pick the winner, based on which movie has the most music. That explains why Disney animated movies, like ''The Little Mermaid,'' ''Beauty and the Beast,'' ''Aladdin'' and ''The Lion King,'' dominated Original Score from 1989-1994.

If Original Song/Adaptation Score were revived, this year's Oscar nominees could've been ''La La Land,'' ''Moana'' and ''Sing Street.''

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