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Given that ''Cabaret'' was so celebrated and racked up 10 Oscar nominations (and 8 wins, including Ralph Burns for his adapted score), it's kinda surprising that Kander and Ebb WEREN'T nominated for ''Money, Money'' or ''Mein Herr,'' both of which were written for the movie.

Kander and Ebb should have won at least one Oscar, but they seem to have the worst luck at the Academy Awards.

Somehow, they got nominated for ''How Lucky Can You Get?'' (''Funny Lady''), which is pretty good, and ''I Move On'' (''Chicago''), which is not.

But they weren't Oscar-nominated for ''Money, Money,'' ''Mein Herr'' or the iconic title tune to ''New York, New York.''

(These 3 tunes were all up for Golden Globes; the ''Cabaret'' songs lost to ''Ben,'' and ''NY, NY'' lost to ... ''You Light Up My Life.'' Ugh!)

By the way, I also love another tune from ''New York, New York'': ''But the World Goes 'Round.''

Also NOT Oscar-nominated. It's a real gem, compared to the musical equivalents of cubic zirconia we often get as Oscar nominees.
Link Liza Minnelli: ''But the World Goes 'Round''

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