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Who's "steven J.?"

Originally Prince rejected the song "Cabaret" for the show; "Wilkommen" ended with the very prominent repetition of the word "cabaret," and he didn't want two "title" songs. It was Ron Field who heard the song later and changed Prince's mind.

"I Don't Care Much" was tried out on three different characters: Sally Bowles, Fraulein Kost (who sang it in an outdoor park setting), and the M.C. It was finally heard in "Cabaret" in the 1987 Hal Prince revival, which reinstated it as the M.C.'s wan, bloodless song, with solo piano accompaniment, at the top of the 2nd and final cabaret scene (in which Sally decides to have an abortion as she steps out of reality through the mylar and light curtains and into her delusion.)

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