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Posted by: lowwriter 10:50 pm EDT 07/14/17
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I was there on Thursday night. It was my second visit and my seat from first row mezzanine was a great way to see the show. I had mixed feelings about Midler's flub during Hello, Dolly! She did recover well but pointing to her head and waving her arms, signifying that she was losing her memory with age, was somewhat amusing but maybe unnecessary. Still it didn't ruin the energy of the number.

The first time I saw the show, my seat was in the second row orchestra house right side. This seat was originally supposed to be fourth row but because of the passerelle I was sitting much closer. My seat in the front mezzanine gave me a much better view of the dancing, and the cast seemed less manic than the first time.

I had tried to sell my ticket on Stub Hub without success. So much for Dolly being such a hot ticket. But I'm glad I went back and was fortunate to see the show without spending a mint because I bought my tickets the first week they went on sale.

The show is a huge delight and last night Put on Your Sunday Clothes, Elegance, It Only Takes a Moment and the title song were terrific. But that Penny in My Pocket number is not my favorite and I wouldn't miss it if were cut.

I do look forward to seeing Donna Murphy.

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