re: Bette last night (Thursday)
Posted by: Mac29 03:36 pm EDT 07/14/17
In reply to: Bette last night (Thursday) - broadwaybacker 09:48 am EDT 07/14/17

I was always a fan of Bette Midler, but after reading some posts, including this one, concerning her breaking the curtain line, my regard for her professionalism on the stage has taken a deep plunge downward. Maybe I'm just old fashioned, but I feel breaking the curtain line is amateurish and not professional. If it's not in the script, don't do it, unless the actor is trying to tell someone to turn off their cellphone. To me, by saying "you should have seen me last night" to the audience is calling attention to herself as Bette, not as Dolly. She is degrading the illusion that all actors try to create, that is, the portrayal of someone other than themselves.

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