re: Twisted Bernstein / Merman Disco
Posted by: Seth Christenfeld (tabula-rasa@verizon.net) 02:25 pm EDT 07/13/17
In reply to: Twisted Bernstein / Merman Disco - GrumpyMorningBoy 02:12 pm EDT 07/13/17

Do you think Mr. Snider listened to theater music when Twisted Sister was selling out arenas? I wonder if he's ever discussed it...

Back when this album (which I agree is a total hoot) came out, he did an interview with The New Yorker (linked below), where he mentions growing up (on Long Island) singing showtunes in choirs, seeing shows with his parents, and listening to staple musicals in the house.

Seth, who keeps hoping he might do a second album of this
Link New Yorker: Dee Snider Does Broadway

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