"I want" Sondheim songs
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Oh, Hello ATCers!

Lately I've been studying the structure of musicals, which started me thinking about the "I want" songs in Sondheim shows...

Does every Sondheim show have an "I want" song?

I can figure out a few - I know Into the Woods has the ultimate "I want" song with the opening number - but do other Sondheim shows follow the traditional musical theatre template of having a "I want" song, and if so, is it necessarily in the beginning of the show? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Also, are there other non-Sondheim shows that break the format with the "I want" song?

Here are some of my questions/thoughts about SS's shows.

A Little Night Music - Now/Later/Soon? Send in the Clowns?

Sunday in the Park with George: Sunday in the Park with George? Lesson No. 8? Move On?

Funny...Forum: Free? Love I Hear?

Passion: ?

Assassins: ...President?

Follies: Too Many Mornings?

Company: Being Alive?

Pacific Overtures: ?

Sweeney Todd: Johanna?

The Frogs: ?

Road Show: ?

Did I miss any?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! Thank you.

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